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Multi-WAN Module

- The gateway must be IG 3100

Product Description

SKU: A0016-012-001-001-001-1

This module enables the WAN load balancing function on the gateway which allows the following functions: 
- Aggregation of 2 Internet links to achieve higher total bandwidth throughput
- Network resilience with Internet link redundancy

Terms and Conditions
- This purchase is delivered as a downloadable voucher (PDF)
- Voucher is valid for one year from date of purchase
- You must have gateway admin access to activate this item
- By clicking 'Activate' during the Activation process within the gateway admin, you agree that the module or license is non-transferrable and irreversible.
- Refunds via PayPal are accepted only within 45 days from date of purchase. Refund requests are subject to approval.
Currency: USD